OHIO 3v3 Team Registration

This form is for the Coach or Team Leader to complete.   Only one form should be completed by each team.     You must pay the full amount to register your team.
After completing this step, please have each of your team members go to the online team member waiver form and complete it.   All team members must have this step completed at least 12 hours prior to the first game in order to participate with your team.

IMPORTANT: Please give each team member your "Team Name" to enter when they go to complete their form.

By signing this agreement, the team agrees to the following:

  • All players will have completed a waiver form before arriving the day of the event.  The waiver form is on the website.  No players will be able to participate if they have not completed the waiver before checking in on the day of the event.
  • In case of inclement weather: We will do everything we can to conduct the tournament.   We reserve the right to adjust the schedule as needed which may include shorter games or less games. If a game reaches halftime when bad weather occurs, the game will be declared a final.  If a tournament starts but is not able to be completed we will give all teams a discount for a future Ohio 3v3 Regional Tournament within a year. If a tournament is canceled before it starts all teams will receive one free Ohio 3v3 Regional Tournament within a year. Otherwise, there are no refunds given. 
  • All Players will meet the proper birth date and eligibility requirements and have proof of age at all times during the event.  And for the State Cup, all players MUST show proof of age at the Headquarters before being allowed to participate.
  • Team Rosters will not exceed 6 players.
  • Ohio 3v3 Soccer may at their discretion combine age groups in order to fill divisions in order for all teams to be able to play.