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[dt-quote text=”3v3 Soccer is a fun small sided game for all levels of players!”]
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3v3 Soccer Tournaments are fun and competitive for all teams.


3v3 Soccer Tournaments are fast paced and action packed.


3v3 Soccer tests a player’s complete soccer skill set.


We have been running 3v3 Soccer Events throughout Ohio for more than 10 years.

Our events are professionally run and give all players and teams a fun, fast paced, soccer event.

Coaches enjoy our tournaments because it challenges and improves all players’ skills. Players enjoy our tournaments because they are fun, fast, with a lot of scoring. As a result, teams and parents enjoy our 3v3 soccer tournaments because they are well run and organized.

We are looking to partner with soccer organizations to run more 3v3 soccer tournaments. Please contact us below to receive more information on how we can help your team or club fund raise and have fun while doing it.

To Register for one of our 3v3 Soccer tournaments please Click Here

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If you have a question or would like to host an event, please email us at Info@Ohio3v3Soccer.com

To Register for Ohio 3v3 Events:  Click Here

Our 3v3 Soccer Partners are:

Sports Force Park
Apex Sports Zone
Athletes in Action
Kids America

Ohio 3v3 Soccer


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